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2020 Rewind

Our farewell letter to 2020 so that we may welcome 2021 with our best self!

(Nota: este artigo também se encontra disponível em Português)

On 31 December 2019, Wuhan, in China, officially reported a “pneumonia” outbreak. Most complaints were coming from workers of a market in which live animals were sold. This is where it is thought the virus jumped from animals to humans though its origin remains uncertain.

On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a state of pandemic, the term used for when an epidemic spreads throughout several countries or continents. On 31 March, Boom Festival communicated the rescheduling of the 2020 edition due to an increasingly deteriorating worldwide situation and travelling restrictions of the Boom community. 

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The world changed in 2020. Awkward elbow bumps have replaced hugs, while expressions such as ‘lockdown’; ‘stay at home’; ‘physical distancing’; ‘you will be fined’; ‘wash your hands’; ‘wear your mask’; ‘follow curfew regulations’; have become part of our daily lives. 

The impact on cultural activities is unprecedented. We can no longer go to festivals and clubs. They’ve gone from culture boosters to being labelled super spreaders. Parties have become illegal again, and human gatherings are being reported to the authorities. Concert venues, cinemas and theatres closed indefinitely or are compelled to radically limit their capacity. Border controls are increased. We are reacting to a 21st century pandemic as if we were in the Middle Ages. Could this have been done differently?

We are now in December 2020. Covid-19 is still around, yet we know more about the virus now than we did at the beginning of this year. Today there are vaccines and rapid testing. As for us humanoids, we are orbiting in a strange space between trust in science, sceptical negationism or conspiracy theories; and the hope that everything will eventually change for the better, combined with a good dose of fear and uncertainty.

Moments that bring tumultuous change such as these also bring the possibility for deep reflection, renovation and transformation.

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2020 is a phase of the Anthropocene that we’ll have trouble forgetting. In some way, Covid-19 touched the lives of almost every human being on this planet. Yet emotional and political roller-coasters are not exclusive to this year alone; natural or man-made disasters are bootcamps for growth, opportunities to get to know ourselves and the world better, and to align ourselves with our purpose.

How is Boom dealing with the situation? What has the Boom Team been doing? Is Boomland safe? And what about Boom’s future? There’s plenty we’ve got to share with you in this interactive letter! Find out more in the Q&A below


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This letter is our farewell to 2020. Now is a good moment to reflect upon the ups and downs, what we’ve learnt from them, and to what we wish to say sayonara, adieu, auf wiedersehen, tchau!… It is a good time to ask the question, who do we want to be? Sharers or toilet paper hoarders? Builders or fear-mongers? Teachers or misinformers? Healers or polluters? We can create a different world. What will it look like? Who knows, but we can definitely do better. 

Boom Team wishes to thank all Boomers for your support, dedication, understanding and resilient spirit throughout this pandemic. We’re all living through a time which is unique in our lives. Your love offers hope for a more beautiful world. 

We’re doing all we can, day after day, to guarantee an out-of-this-world Boom edition. We Are One.

Let’s welcome 2021 with a deep breath, an open mind and a kind heart! 

Com Amor,

Boom Team