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Liminal Village

Connect and co-create a new future with kindred activist spirits

Knowledge is power and it inspires the ethos of the Liminal Village where a gathering of dancing bodies also means a gathering of activated minds.

This 'conference' area was pioneered back in 2002 as a platform for presentations, master classes, discussion panels, lectures, workshops and documentaries. It has since become a space for engaging audiences with the ingenuity, thoughts, actions and projects of some of the world’s most powerful global voices.

The ‘Liminal’ - meaning the space in between - is a point of metamorphosis where transformation takes place and when visions crystalise into reality. 

There were over 206 hours of talks, discussions and conferences at the Liminal Village during Boom 2018. 

Liminal at Boom 2021 is inspired by the Anthropocene theme and will feature a plethora of thought-provoking films and discussions about some of the most important issues relevant to our existence as a species on the planet today.

Below you can find the themes for the Liminal Village in 2021.



History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes. So what could this particular stanza of the beautifully twisted poem of humanity be rhyming with? We have left geological epochs behind, the Paleocene, the Pleistocene, the Holocene, and we now find ourselves in the geo-illogical epoch of the Anthropocene.

An unprecedented, Homo sapiens-shaped period that has opened up our horizons to the potential of the human brain and the misery of illusionary gains. This era has brought us deforestation and decolonization, slave trade and space travel, PTSD and hyperconnectivity, malnutrition alongside meditation, monocultures alongside countercultures, climate change without system change, and it’s time to turn and face this wild race and perhaps steer the ship away from wreckage into greener waters

The Anthropocene can be both our doomsday and our hour of truth, the sunset and the dawn, the moment when we rise to our infinite potential by accepting our limited nature. Ironically enough, while the polar ice caps diminish, social polarities seem to be ever widening. But as the seas are rising, so is the global awareness on social and climate justice. And if many from older generations are proving to lack some fundamental updates in their operating systems, the younger ones are writing at the speed of light the code of a much needed New Story.

The anesthetising comfort of superficiality that led us to binary thinking doesn’t do its trick anymore. Rational/irrational, good/evil, superior/inferior become false dichotomies that are limiting and divisive, until a penetrating light starts to shine over entire galaxies of in-between options.

Even the spectrum at whose extremes we tend to place opposites, begins to reveal itself as a bi-dimensional reduction of a much more multidimensional, wildly intersectional, apparently messy (yet totally organic) entanglement. Jung tells us that “only the paradox comes anywhere near to comprehending the fullness of life” because “non ambiguity and non-contradiction are one-sided and thus unsuited to express the incomprehensible.” In other words, to hold a vision of wholeness we need to become jedis of paradox.

While cooking up the Boom Festival cultural program, we’re tapping into the millennia-old tradition of co-creating an emergent ceremony as a way to experience the paradoxical nature of reality. We re-create a Temporary Autonomous Zone where it is possible to be both, sane and insane, male and female, human and animal, bodily and spiritual, many and One...

The debate is open on how the cultural contribution of this global tribal gathering can become a precious resource to face the challenges of the unprecedented epoch we have the heavy burden and the supreme honour to live in. 

We call for proposals to boldly explore and deep dive into ‘The Paradoxes of the Anthropocene’. 

 The Liminal Village program will centre around a series of pairs of apparent opposites, to give you a framework on which to build your ideas, here are some examples:

SPIRIT vs. MATTER: How can we re-attune to a vision where everything is alive? How would we behave if we believed again that the planet has a soul? What would happen if we re-entered in conscious conversation with the universe? How can regenerative ecological practices support this process? What should we eat to safeguard our health and that of the planet? Could psychedelic/ecodelic experiences be the tools to open up our eyes to the aliveness of everything and thus fuel environmental activism? Which are the main movements addressing the climate crisis and which are their victories and defeats? 

NATURE vs. TECHNOLOGY: How do we reconcile the world that has created us with the one we have created? Can the current climate crisis be solved by a series of technological innovations, if it was caused by a series of technological innovations? Can the Transhuman and Posthuman evolution be accompanied by an equal advancement in the global level of emotional maturity? What does A.I. look like when it’s conceived to support our reconnection to nature? And what does digital technology and data collection look like when they are in service of social justice and freedom?

SANITY vs. INSANITY: Can different states of consciousness be placed in a hierarchy? Which arguments have we developed to decriminalize those very states that allow a more realistic vision of existence? Can we become sane by experiencing insanity? What do we know about consciousness and what can we learn from other cultures and eras on how to navigate its mysteries? But also what perils lay with psychedelics and their link to states of psychosis? Which guidelines do we need to address such instances, while safeguarding psychonautic exploration?

UTOPIA vs. DYSTOPIA: What does a post-capitalist world look like? Can we still collaborate towards a common goal, even when we disagree? How do we transcend the need to be right? Are we still running a beta version of democracy? Is “taking sides” part of the solution or part of the problem? Who’s manipulating who in the chaos-inducing war of fake news and post-truth? Can deception be a valid strategy to win the game? Religions failed us, philosophies like Humanism didn’t catch on, Scientism offers us no moral compass, Communism and Capitalism both revealed their glaring darkness, what’s the future of politics in the age of algorithms?

ONENESS vs. OTHERNESS: We know that at a certain level we are all the same, while, at another, we are all unique, so what is difference about and what role does privilege play in it? Could the negation of difference be the biggest obstacle towards Oneness? Which are the best practices for radical inclusivity and which are the hidden biases? How do we process and heal the traumas that have paved the way towards separation, self-destruction and addiction to secure a future of reconciliation, reparation and evolution? What’s the role of grief in the pursuit of happiness? Where do we find heart-wrenching meaning and heart-warming belonging? 

The NGO DOME, the sister space of Liminal Village since 2016, comes to house new wave activism and social movements, creating intersectional languages for connecting, new ways of sharing knowledge and resources between Boomers and collectives, crews, groups, organisations, working towards the post-apocalyptic renaissance. Protestors, psychonauts, painters, poets, pharmacologists, physicists, physicians, pole-dancers, proletarian pie-makers and any possible profession including those not starting with ‘p’, with a particular focus on Portugal but also neighbouring lands and those beyond, will come to showcase their activist work, find fresh ways of listening to one another, but also to seduce and induce the Boomers into action! 

We are particularly keen to see original formats of interactive workshops, magical, educational, hands-on, mind-blowing sessions that defy definition but that connect to being contemporary Quixotes striving for diverse Utopias while navigating the paradoxes of the Anthropocene. 

The program is continuously updated as we journey closer towards the festival dates. 

(Selfie sticks, mobile phones and national flags are not transcendental or psychedelic at all. Just the opposite. They represent the dark side of the Anthropocene, as they disrupt the flow of Here & Now and interfere with the state of Oneness.)