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Some say the “real Boom” happens when people from across the world join forces to build this crazy ass spaceship! It’s an out of time, out of space experience in some respects. Working away on the land to produce the festival takes tough, resilient, creative, hardworking beings. It’s also a fun experience and one that some people have said they will never forget!  

Depending on what you feel compelled to do, you could be on site for three months or three days. From eco-team members who keep the site and compost toilets clean during the festival - to carpenters and permaculture lovers who contribute to the production stage: there are lots of different volunteer opportunities. 

Make new friends and get a glimpse of the workings of the festival. Nobody said it was going to be easy though. Volunteering can be a challenge, but the results are also rewarding. Boom would not happen without the help of our amazing volunteers. They share their knowledge, passion, time and their beautiful vibe

Following the rescheduling to 22 - 29 July 2021, the application process has been suspended. Proposals will be reconsidered in the upcoming months to allow for the final selection to be made once the Covid-19 panorama and its impact are more certain. We are deeply grateful to all who sent us a proposal - your enthusiasm, generosity and love allow projects like Boom Festival to happen.