NGO Dome hero image

NGO Dome

Awaken your inner activist and meet other Anthropocene rebels

This space is part of the extended concept of the Liminal Village and serves as an amplifier of its potential.

It's where we absorb knowledge and information before transitioning to the Dome to meet the people who are actively working for positive social change on a daily basis. 

Beyond the tags of psychedelic, political, regenerative, activist, social, sustainable, heart-based, mind-expanding, change-making, queer or feminist, we touch base with what is real, urgent and most relevant for each of us. 

A hands-on workshop to learn a new skill with a representative of an NGO, a sharing circle to integrate a difficult experience, engaging with the founding members of a new community‚Ķ

Come awaken the activist within and take this chance to meet other Anthropocene rebels too!