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Take a trip down memory lane to discover the history and origins of Boom! 

It was in 2017 that we began working on two major projects, a hardback book and a documentary film. 

Each reveals the origins of Boom and how the festival came to be. As we delved through our archives, we discovered a wealth of photos, videos and flyers from back in the day. Every historic item had a story to tell. However, not every piece made the final cut.  

So for the first time ever, we have collated this retrospective archive. It illuminates the days that are likely to ignite nostalgic memories for those who were there at the time - and it may also engage the hearts and minds of those who wished they were... 

The Boomuseum is the resounding result of all this Boom Festival-related paraphernalia. It shines a spotlight on the past, and the journey that carried us to the place where we are at now. Come join us for a trip down memory lane.