Our Principles

Our Principles


We believe in creating alternatives to dominant axioms with constructive questioning and a positive spirit. At Boom, we deconstruct existing models so they can be reconstructed as alternative solutions by individuals, communities, cultural groups and social identities. We aim to contribute to this shift that takes us away from isolation, separation, of oversaturation of media and towards a culture that prioritises collaboration, community, contact with nature and awareness.


We belong to something much greater than the personal boundaries with which we define ourselves. Pro-active participation at Boom encourages us to surpass our limits and become active co-creators of the world around us while going inwards to gain a more profound understanding of ourselves. There are no passive citizens at Boom! Come, intervene, participate, help, meet people and free yourself from egoic conditioning: there’s an infinite world within you waiting to be released!


The human being is a creative being, capable of producing or feeling art thus connecting with an extra-sensorial and spiritual dimension. This ability also allows us to resolve scenarios and create new models fundamental to an evolving global consciousness.


We intend to contribute to a society where the freedom to think, act and feel creates a social organisation based on ecology.


The essence of being human subsists in caring for each other. Our willingness to be kind and giving to each other makes us so. We are humans through other humans. At Boom we aim to share how the common good of our humanity thrives in belonging.

We devote our festival to resisting cultural and social forces that encourage conformity and to avoid situations which bring a state of deindividuation. We believe in a culture of independence, free from corporate logos, and in a festival that has been created by the people, for the people.


The language of unconditional love is simple: it generates life, it lights us with compassion and aligns us at the deepest level of our being. Love is the pervasive force between all forms of life. There’s no denying the conflictive history of humanity - but our few thousand years on this sacred planet make us comparatively insignificant when  Mother Nature’s history runs much deeper and stronger. Yet she’s never betrayed us, she continues to teach us to love, giving us the gift of life. We are love.


We are part of an interconnected network of life forms in the universe. So for every edition of Boom, it is our intention to create a collective experience that will awaken us to the feeling that we are in all things, and all things are in us.


As Martin Luther King said: “There can be no justice without peace and there can be no peace without justice.” Evolutionary approaches to seeking peace manifest as we move from old systems to build new structures, and find strategic ways to combat cultural resistance to change. Peace is a basic human right for all living beings. It generates social harmony, enables arts and culture to blossom; it makes us better human beings, creating harmonious communities and evolved societies.


Can social consciousness and the party life go hand in hand? Complex geopolitical climates intertwined with greed continue to leave millions without homes, water, food and dignity. With this awareness in mind, we have curated a cultural program with an action plan. It encompasses socially-conscious projects that include ecology, economic fairness and the contribution of funds to NGOs through the Boom Karuna Project.


We want to create an environmentally-conscious festival where thousands of co-existing individuals boost the fertility of the land. This means we aim to enhance the way people absorb, influence and use the natural, social and cultural environment presented during a festival experience - thus helping generate solutions which can be used in larger contexts.


The motive is to create a festival experience that provides the tools to transcend social and cultural conditioning. We achieve this by co-creating ideas with Boomers that go beyond the proverbial box… And that also stem from a place of respect for mind, body, soul, and forms of life. The elevation of our collective consciousness is key, and becomes one of our primary goals.


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