Boom Karuna Project

Boom Karuna Project

The Boom Karuna Project is a charity project that supports local social initiatives.

Karuna - which means ‘compassion’ in Sanskrit - was launched by Boom as a social initiative, which shares a percentage of revenues with a nearby community in Idanha-a-Nova. At the same time, it serves as a response to the impact of growing austerity measures inflicted in Portugal by a misguided neoliberal political elite. The Karuna Project was thus created to help provide solutions to social problems in a region with one of the oldest, poorest communities and with one of the lowest birth rates in the country. It aims to show solidarity with local community projects that make a positive impact on future generations and the environment.

Since 2014, Boom has also donated revenues to the CERAS - Wildlife Recovery Centre owned by Quercus in Castelo Branco, to AERID (a centre for children with special needs), and to local free school movement, Sementes do Interior.

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