Tickets Info

Tickets Info

Our ticket strategy explained.

Question everything. This is one of the fundamental components of the Boom ethos and why it continues to be an independent event free from sponsorship and commercial advertising. We’ve created our own micro-economy to weather the storm of an unpredictable climate. No financial sharks, no government loans, no commercial bail-outs: we want to remain free from that world and so far, our strategy has worked.

So how do we do it? It’s a good question, and in recent times, one we’ve encountered on numerous occasions. So in a world of fractured communication, disinformation and distrust — here we explain the detail and ethical considerations that drive our ticket pricing ideas.


Boom is organised by a tax-paying events company settled in a remote region deep in the rural heart of Portugal, southern Europe. 

It is financed by tickets, bars, accommodation services, and rental of space to shops, restaurants and cafes. These are the funds that allow us to make a considerable investment into the production of the event, to pay off the loan we took to purchase the Boomland, and which help manifest other ethical projects that we run parallel to Boom. Just as an example, in 2016 your support via tickets helped Boom to employ 1882 people, invite 895 artists and contribute with a percentage of the revenues to local NGOs.  


The ticket strategy has been designed to allow the festival to continually evolve. As such, the costs of production and maintenance of Boomland are covered. 

Secondly: countries with stronger economies with higher resources are allocated regular price tickets. This enables more fragile countries to be given discounted  ‘friendly price’ tickets, which we are sure Boomers from countries with better economy resonate with the concept. 

And thirdly, a strategy which reflects the economic realities of different countries will also allow up to 500 people from a ‘guest country’ to join us at Boom for free.

On a separate note, growth is not an indicator of success for us. Lessons from the past have been learnt — and so we continue in this vein. It means tickets for our 2018 edition will again be limited. This will allow us to provide an infrastructure that can cater for every single person with a safe and comfortable environment. 

With such a strategy, we are able to cooperate with everyone while maintaining a safe arms-length distance and remaining independent and free from commercial sponsorship. 


Boring but still good to know — the stipulated price of every ticket is always subject to tax. In Portugal, 13 percent of every ticket price is paid to the Portuguese state. 

Depending on the item, we can pay anything between 13 and 23 percent of revenues made at bars and restaurants, and a further 6 percent of revenues made by the Boom Bus operation. 

Should the company make a profit (which is not always the case) — the state will receive 21 percent plus a further one percent of total income.

Boom also pays a monthly 23.75 percent wage tax for every long-term employee and 5 percent tax for freelancers. 

This concludes the basis on which we calculate the price of tickets for Boom 2018 - and a basis on which we will continue to work. 


While ethical considerations of the global economy determine the decisions we make, we also need to take account of festival production costs. 

Artists, technologies and suppliers are just some components of a fully fledged production facility as Boom. Rising costs have had to be accounted for when we work out how to price the tickets. 

If for example, we take into account a daily estimate of the 2018 ticket price, the average price per day for First Phase ticket holders is €17 and Second Phase at an average of €22 per Boom-day.


NOTE: ONLINE & AMBASSADORS Ticket sales are subject to an extra fee for ticketing service charges.

We strongly advise you not to ever buy a ticket from auction websites including Ticketswap, eBay, Olx or on the black market.

As an independent event without sponsors, Boom relies on its community to survive. We thank you for your unconditional support over the years. 

All information about tickets can be read below. Also, make sure to carefully read our Ticket FAQ's as they contain lots of useful information!

With Love and Eternal Gratitude

See you at the Boomland!

Tickets Information

 Friendly Price

We have a Friendly Price for people in countries with specific economic realities. A novelty this year is that Portugal is part of it, despite the fact of being the host country. This is because out of 28 European countries, Portugal's ‘purchasing power’ has now fallen into the 19th position, while youth unemployment has plummeted to 26.5 percent (Source: INE / Eurostat). The list of countries and regions is the following:

  • Portugal;
  • Greece;
  • Africa;
  • Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, excluding Australia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Corea, Oman, Qatar and United Arab Emirates;
  • Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America;
  • Central and Eastern Europe: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bielorussia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia / FYROM, Montenegro, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

As per usual, the value of the Friendly Price is equivalent to the price of 1st phase tickets. These will not rise in price at any time and can be purchased up until the point they are completely sold out.

Boom tickets are limited and there is a limited amount of friendly price tickets as well. These are non-transferable and only available at your local Boom Ambassador. To have access to this ticket your local Ambassador will require you to show proof of national residency.

 Regular Price

Regular price tickets are set for people living in all European Union countries (except those mentioned below in the friendly price areas), Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, USA, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.

Regular price tickets are available online at our website or at your local Boom ambassador (2nd Phase).

 Guest Country

As a tradition in every edition of Boom there is a guest country. We are delighted to welcome Costa Rica as Boom's 2018 guest country!

Guest Country Ticket is available ONLY for Costa Rica nationals that are living in Costa Rica. They are required to show their Boom ambassador proof of residency and nationality from  Costa Rica. 

Please contact your "tico" Ambassador when the Ambassador List is announced. By then you can register and be able to receive one of the Guest Country Tickets.

NOTE: Boom is a limited capacity event, Guest Country Tickets are limited to 500 people. 

 Boom Ambassadors 

The Boom Festival family is all around the world. From India to Costa Rica, from Thailand to Belgium, Australia to Ireland... We have around 75 different Boom Ambassadors that represent the festival in more than 40 countries.

A Boom Festival Ambassador is someone or any organization that represents Boom Festival around the world. They can give you all the information you may need about the festival, sort out any question you may have and also sell Boom tickets.
They are the liaison between Boom HQ and the Boomers, helpful brothers and sisters that do an amazing job.

Our Ambassador List is available HERE.

If you don't have a Boom Ambassador in your country, please contact the ambassador that's in the closest country to yours and he will help you in anything you may need. Any extra information you need, please contact us to our email:

 Children Tickets

Children under 13 years of age are granted free entrance into the festival. Yet, considering the very high temperatures, loud noise and high levels of dust, we recommend parents not to bring children under 3 years of age!

Children, 12 years or younger by the 22nd of July do not require a ticket. However, they will need to be registered and your child will be associated with your ticket. The registration procedure will be identical as for the purchase of an adult ticket and will have a cost of 1€. In cases when children get lost from their parents, our security teams will be able to find the parents of the child easily. Children registrations is no longer available online. If necessary, please register your children at the festival gates upon entering.

 Boom Bus

The Boom Bus is a charter bus service for a safer, more comfortable and sustainable Boom experience. It is part of our environmental program as a public transport project, aiming to decrease CO2 emissions. This service provides return transport from Lisbon and Madrid airports directly to the festival. 

Bus tickets will be available from the 19th of October onwards.

More info about Boom Bus timetables and other info, check HERE.

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