Full Terms & Conditions

Full Terms & Conditions


Thank you for purchasing your ticket(s) to Boom Festival 2018. For more information on how our ticketing system works, please visit the FAQs page on our website.

1. Tickets are sold for the event by the cultural and environmental organisation known as Good Mood Lda (the ‘Promoter’) subject to licence approval, the terms and conditions below, and the rules and regulations of the Boom Festival (the “Festival”), as displayed at the venue (the “Site”).

2. These terms & conditions contain important information, please read them carefully. The use of this ticket and entry onto the Site shall constitute an acceptance by the holder of these terms & conditions and imply an undertaking on the part of the holder to observe them. In the event of any breach of these terms & conditions, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel tickets, to refuse admission, to remove the holder or to confiscate offending articles, as the case may be, and in any case, to retain any monies paid for the relevant ticket.

3. Tickets cannot be transferred, re-sold, refunded or re-issued. If this ticket is re-sold or transferred for profit or commercial gain by anyone other than the Promoter or one of its authorised sub-agents, it will become void and the holder may be refused entry or removed from the site.

4. No tickets may be used for competitions, promotions or hospitality packages without the prior written consent of the Promoter, and any ticket so used will become voidable and the holder may be refused entry or removed from the Site.

5. Tickets are sold subject to the Promoter’s right to alter or vary the performances and/or the Festival without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets.

6. Official wristbands are to be worn at all times. If you do not wear a wristband, you will be escorted off site.

7. Lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or undelivered tickets cannot be replaced or refunded. There will be no admission without a valid ticket. When you receive your tickets, please check them carefully, as mistakes cannot always be rectified. Keep tickets in a safe place.

8. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to the Festival. There might be searches of persons entering the Site to ensure the safety of the persons on Site.

9. Any person who fails to comply with instructions from a steward or other person acting for the Promoter or behave against the peaceful atmosphere we all want at Boom may be removed from the Site.

10. Admission to the Site is at the ticket holder’s own risk. The Promoter and Landowner will not be held responsible for loss or damage to property or persons whilst attending this event. You acknowledge and agree the land the Festival is staged on is an inherently dangerous place that may contain various obstacles, risks and dangers, both known and unknown, natural and man made which may result in loss or damage to your property or personal injury. Knowing this to be the case, if you choose to attend the Festival, you agree that you do so at your own risk, waiving and foregoing all rights to make claims against the Promoter for any loss or injury you may suffer there.

11. No bottles, cans, glass, containers, alcohol are allowed. Food, chairs (except for folding chairs), tables, or picnic equipment can only be brought onto the campsite – please help us minimizing the impact on nature by not bringing too much camping gear and then leaving it behind. Glass bottles increase the risk of fire and are harmful for the nature if left behind, they are not allowed. Any of these items found will be confiscated. Water and non-alcoholic drinks in stainless steel bottles with unbroken seals up to 500ml are permitted in the festival area.

12. A TOTAL FIRE BAN is in operation for the entire duration of the Festival. No naked flames, campfires, candles or gas stoves allowed. The Boom region has a high potential of fire, please help us to prevent it.

13. No illegal substances may be brought onto the site. Please respect your health and limits.

14. Official merchandise, food, drink and general provisions will be available from authorised identified vendors within the Site. No trading shall be undertaken without the prior written consent of the Promoter, any offenders will have their property confiscated and will be removed from the Site.

15. Photographic, video or audio reproduction of Boom festival is prohibited for commercial purposes. Please respect the privacy of Boomers. Don't spend time on electronic devices, you will be better connected when you disconnect.

16. Ticket holders consent to their inclusion in official newsletters or other communication, photographic, visual & audio recordings of the Festival as members of the audience.

17. No animals are allowed on-site, except for guide dogs for the blind. There have been problems with lost dogs in the past, be aware that the sun, dehydration, noise and density of crowds can increase the stress and health problems of our beloved pets. Due to this, pets are not allowed at Boom.

18. The Boom is a space of freedom and no prejudice. It's a space for free spirits based on values such as oneness, music, peace, arts, environment, culture, and love. Please respect your brothers and sisters and the nature around you. Do not engage in negative behavior towards others. We Are One.

Force Majeure:

In the case of circumstances beyond normal control, such as war, civil or political unrest, actions and orders from the authorities, strikes, catastrophes, epidemics or other severe damages or highly unexpected factors the Promoter may cancel the Festival, and the amounts received will not be refunded.


IT IS POSSIBLE THAT EXPOSURE TO LOUD MUSIC MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO HEARING. PLEASE BRING EAR PLUGS. Please be aware that strobe lighting may be used (even if we don’t like it!).




1.1 Our agreement to carry you:
We agree to carry you and your luggage on the journey permitted by your ticket, on and subject to these General Conditions of Carriage.

1.2 Your ticket and wristband:
Your ticket and wristband are a record of our agreement to carry you or to arrange for your carriage. Your ticket is our property, and shall be returned to us on request. A ticket and wristband are personal and non-transferable.

1.3 Seat reservations:
All reservations are subject to availability of seats on the service for which you request a reservation and you will not be given a reservation if no seats are available on the service. A reservation of a seat does not guarantee you a particular seat on a bus.


2.1 You must make sure you are on the correct service:
You are responsible for making sure that you meet any service on which you are traveling at the relevant boarding point.

2.2 You should arrive at the boarding point at least 30 minutes before departure:
(a) Arrival : You should arrive at the boarding point for a service at least 30 minutes prior to the timetable departure time for that service.
(b) Effect of late arrival: We may give your seat to another passenger if you arrive later than the scheduled departure time, in which case you will be considered to have missed the service. We shall not be liable to you if you miss any service as a result of your late arrival, and shall not be obliged to hold up any service to wait for you, or to provide a seat on any other service, if you miss a service.


3.1 Our obligation to carry you:
It is our obligation to carry you and your permitted luggage on the journey permitted by your reservation, on and subject to these General Conditions of Carriage.

3.2 We will not carry animals:
We will not carry dogs or any other animals.


4.1 Permitted Luggage: We will carry your luggage on and subject to these General Conditions of Carriage. You are allowed to take onto a service one or two medium sized suitcases or rucksacks (no more than 20kg per item, and one small piece of hand luggage).

4.2 Prohibited contents:
(a) Prohibited luggage: We are not obliged to carry any of the following items of luggage, and you may not bring them onto any bus: any weapons, drugs or solvents (other than medicines), live or dead animals, fish or insects or any items which in our opinion are unsafe or illegal.
(b) What happens if you take prohibited luggage: If you take any of these items onto any bus, we may remove them from the bus immediately on discovery, and leave them outside the bus, wherever they may be situated.

4.3 Identification of luggage: All luggage which is given into our custody should be clearly and appropriately labeled and include a contact telephone number where possible. We will not be obliged to carry any luggage that has not been labeled.


5.1 Required behaviour and prohibited behaviour:
You shall behave in a reasonable, sensible and lawful manner on a bus and at any station, comply with any request from a member of staff and you shall not: be abusive or threatening to any staff or any other person; or conduct yourself in a way which may endanger yourself, any bus or station or any person or property on board any bus or at any station; or behave in a manner which causes discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to other persons; or take onto any bus or into any station any alcoholic drinks or drugs (other than medicines) for the purpose of consuming them, or consume them on any bus or in any station, or consume or take any hot food onto the bus, such takeaway foods; or board any bus whilst under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs; or smoke.

5.2 Consequences of bad behaviour: If you fail to comply with any of the behaviour rules in Clause 5.1, or we have reason to believe you may continue any conduct in breach of those behaviour rules, we shall be entitled to restrain you, remove you from the bus, refuse you further carriage, cancel your ticket without refund, and take any other measures as we consider necessary to prevent continuation of such conduct.


6.1 By signing this General Conditions of Carriage document it is assumed that you have understood and accepted all of its content.

6.2 All Boom Bus ticket reservations are final and non refundable.

6.3 If you give up traveling in any leg of your journey with the Boom Bus by some unknown or know reason we will not be liable to refund you the ticket.

Force Majeure:

In the case of circumstances beyond normal control, such as war, civil or political unrest, actions and orders from the authorities, strikes, catastrophes, epidemics or other severe damages or highly unexpected factors the Promoter may cancel the Festival, and the monies received will not be refunded.


1. Tents can only be used up to their maximum capacity; This means there is no possibility of adding an extra bed/mattress;

2. Children until 6 years old can exceed tent maximum capacity only if they use parent’s sleeping pack. No extra mattresses or sleeping packs will be provided.

3. Children should always be supervised by their parents or legal guardians;

4. Guests can be invited in your tent only if it is not being used at its maximum capacity;

5. Guests have to check-in at the reception;

6. Check-ins and check-outs have to be made by the tipi camp ticket buyer or the reservation holder;

7. Tipi camp deposits will be returned 30 days after the last day of the festival;

8. Sleeping packs, including mattress, will be supplied at check-in. There will be 1 sleeping pack and mattress for each tent user up to a maximum capacity for reach tent;

9. At the check out, the same number of sleeping packs should be returned in the same conditions as they were given.

10. Mattresses can not be taken out from the tents;

11. Sleeping material can not be used for different purposes from the ones they were delivered for;

12. An extra cost will be charged if the mattresses or sleeping material is found dirty or in bad conservation condition;

13. The buyer or reservation holder is liable for the sleeping packs until they are returned;

14. Check-ins and check-outs will be supported by a staff member that will help in the process;

15. In case of event cancellation, General Terms and Conditions of Festival Tickets apply;

16. Tents will be delivered on a first-come, first-served basis;

17. Event organisation will not be responsible or liable for losses or theft to any property of anyone staying at the Tipi Camp;

18. The use of Fire, cooking stoves, candles, or other flammable items is absolutely forbidden inside the tents or anywhere on the campsite. Boomland is an extremely high-risk fire area;

19. Knives and cutting tools and objects are not allowed in the campsite;

20. There is a dining area in the campsite area;

21. There is not hot water in the campsite;

I´m aware that is my responsibility and obligation to, in the moment of check out, return in good condition of use, all the materials that the BOOM FESTIVAL 2018 organization provides during the festival: the tent, lantern/s, key lock, and a mattress, a sheet, a duvet, a pillow, a duvet case, a pillowcase and a backpack for each person in the tent.

These items must be returned at the checkout and they must be in good condition.

In case of loss, damage, or extremely dirty materials, each item will be charged at the following prices:

In case of loss, damage, or if an item is returned highly unclean, the price list of each reposition is:

  • Sheet: 10 euros
  • Pillow: 10 euros
  • Pillowcase: 10 euros
  • Duvet cover: 10 euros
  • Duvet: 20 euros
  • Flashlight or String Light: 10 euros
  • Mattresses: missing/broken 50 euros, dirt in mattresses 20 euros
  • Backpack: 4 euros
  • Key lock: 10 euros (if is combination model) 4 euros (if is key model)
  • Carpet (by unit): 40 euros

Tent Penalties:

Small Penalty:

Breakage of less than 15cm in the floor or canvas

Less than 10 accessories missing

Broken pole or door frame or tipi pole
=> 50 euros+VAT (each problem) for 2-5 pp tent and 100 euros+VAT (each problem) for 6 pp tent

Medium Penalty:

Breakage of 15-30cm in floor or canvas

Between 10 and 20 missing accessories

Breakage of tripod (2 people Star Tent)

=>  100 euros+VAT (each problem) for 2-5 pp tent and 200 euros+VAT (each problem) for 6 pp tent

High Penalty:

Breakage over 30cm in floor or canvas

Material is in bad state; very dirty or almost impossible to clean

Broken zipper

=>  650 euros+VAT for 2-5 pp tent and 1550 euros+VAT for 6 pp tent.

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