Poejo's Happy Clay

Poejo's Happy Clay

Poejo's Happy Clay

Get your hands dirty in this pottery workshop and learn how to model clay into a bowl!

We will be using red clay and with the help of the potter’s wheel modelling this clay into a bowl. Maria will be helping during the whole process, teaching basic technics: centring the clay, opening the hole in the centre, pulling out and up for the final shape. The potter’s wheel is an electric one, this will make it easier because it spins without any effort and you can concentrate only in shaping. After the work is done you can take it with you to dry out. You can make some decoration during the drying process. Besides the potter´s wheel, we will have a table with clay and tools where people can turn their imagination into a 3d object using several technics.

Maria Poejo (Bio)

In 2004, she started the Creative Ceramic Course in Cencal, Caldas da Rainha, and has since then been exploring the world of plastic shapes, the expression and dimensions, volumes, texture and colours. In 2008-2014, she attended  almost every handcraft fair in Portugal and also medieval fairs with my ceramic works.
So far, Maria has brought her workshop to schools, libraries, cultural associations and several fairs.

She truly enjoys bringing this knowledge to people at any age all the while maintaining a deep interest for learning. Every year, she researches new knowledge to develop her work. Besides the initial year long course, she attended others like: ceramic jewellery, smoke decoration, contemporary sculpture, building a gas kiln and building a wood kiln.

Other interests include yoga, natural therapies, riding a bicycle and having long walks, as well as practicing photography, listening to music and painting. Maria loves shamanism, spirituality and everything that allows one to develop and grow from the inside.


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