Kids Yoga: Joy of Movement

Kids Yoga: Joy of Movement

Kids Yoga: Joy of Movement

A yoga class adapted to kids, playful and dynamic! Children's yoga is based on the joy of movement, based on the guiding principle of "Every Kid is Groovy" (Greville Henwood). No matter their different backgrounds and origin, it brings the children together, makes them happy and content and strengthens their self-confidence, because each child is accepted and appreciated as it is.

The course contains all the components of a classical adult yoga class, but is much more playful and dynamic and therefore adapted to the needs of kids.

Tina Blumenkraft (Bio)

Having grown up on the outskirts of the city with a lot of nature around the house and her own vegetable garden that supplied her family and her with fresh vegetables, she got to know and use the plants from an early age. Since then, she has taken every opportunity to learn about the healing power of local plants.

Over a decade ago, she found in yoga the ideal way to stay healthy. Since she became the mother of two children, the desire for yoga together has become stronger. That is why she has trained as a children's yoga teacher and has been teaching a group of children twice a week for a year.

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