Dancing Geometry

Dancing Geometry

Dancing Geometry

Explore traditional dances, songs and cultures in a dancing ball for parents and their little ones! Tricô Dancing Geometry is an interactive concert where parents and children interact through traditional dances and songs.

This will consists of a dancing ball and travel through the traditional music and dances from all around the world, exploring the different geometries present in both dances and dancers.

Through circles, spirals, lines and triangles we'll dance and connect with each other, sharing laughs, in joy!

Tricô (Bio)

This is a music project inspired by the sonorities and dance traditions from abroad the world. Combining the afro percussions with the sonority of the diatonic accordion,

Tricô provides a journey, assisted by the dance facilitator, through the dancing traditions from elder communities, exploring how they are related to our daily lives as well as their geometric and symbolic aspect. 

They have been playing in festivals such as Andanças, Planície Mediterrânica, Tribojam and doing some concerts/workshops for communities and families.

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