Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Angola

A Capoeira Angola workshop for kids and grown ups, and everything is included. From singing to stretching, and playing around to the sound of percussions!

During this workshop, adults and children are invited to partake into playful moments through the play of Capoeira Angola. We will play percussion instruments, do singing exercises, and perform different movements and games from this Afro Brazilian Art.

The program will include percussion exercises, singing, presentation circle, warm up games, basic movements of capoeira (individual and in pairs), stretching exercises, and a closing circle with music ang Capoeira Angola games!

Pablo Azocar (Bio)

Born in Argentina and living in Portugal for the last 7 years, Pablo is the father of  2 children. Specialised in Psychology, Yoga and Capoeira de Angola, he has worked extensively with children, mainly in the filed of Special Education. At the moment, he is also a yoga teacher for children.

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