Sacred Geometry of the Enneagram

Sacred Geometry of the Enneagram

Sacred Geometry of the Enneagram

The Enneagram of Personality is a description of the human psyche which is principally understood as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. At the same time, it is a beautiful example of ancient sacred geometry. By understanding your primary Enneagram type, natural gifts can be fully appreciated and self-imposed limitations understood.

Through the lens of the Enneagram, our personality can be used as a dynamic map to reach our full potential as a human being. It can help us to cultivate presence, develop our intuitive guidance and embody our unique gifts.

The Enneagram will be presented showing the different behaviors, virtues and shadow sides of human psyche which are related with the 9 personality types of this ancient symbol. Then, we will create 9 groups and in each of them we will choose a partner and share our perception of ourselves. We will take turns so that everyone can discuss with 3 different partners.

Finally, we will create the beautiful geometrical figure of the Enneagram with our bodies: some people will create the external circle and other people will form the triangle and the hexagram of the Enneagram.

We will close our eyes and we will integrate the insights received from the sacred geometry of the Enneagram through a guided meditation.

Jonas Di Gregorio (Bio)

Jonas Di Gregorio graduated in Philosophy at La Sapienza University, Rome, where he studied world religions, philosophy of science, theology and ethics. He has been studying the Enneagram since 2014 and developing a deep reverence for this beautiful tool for self-observation and understanding of personality.

He works as freelance plant medicine retreat organiser and as consultant for the Mandali Retreat Center in Italy.

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