Human Pyramid

Human Pyramid

Human Pyramid

Becoming One through acrobatics: you are invited to take part in this physical workshop where we will attempt at creating human pyramids. Each and every one of us has the ability of knowing our body in relation to others, so that we can truly become "One". 

Inspired in this premise, and through physical acrobatic exercises and physical play, the participants are invited to create human pyramids.

This workshop aims at working the equilibrium, comunication, trust and focus so that all the participants can use geometry to create human forms, in an acrobatic fashion!

Circus VagabunT (Bio)

A Social & Educational Circus School, it promotes social, physical and individual development through different circus disciplines and circus arts. They give Circus classes around Algarve and Alentejo in Public Schools, to homeschooled kids, and to the Waldorf and Forest Schools.


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