Gravity Meditation - Rock Balance Land Art

Gravity Meditation - Rock Balance Land Art

Gravity Meditation - Rock Balance Land Art

The name Gravity Meditation combines two essential aspects of Pascal's work: meditation because ever since he balanced his first rock, it had a very meditative effect on him; and gravity because it is the force which does not only keep you on the surface of the Earth, but also allows a wide range of fun and explorations.

One of it is Rock Balancing, a quickly spreading outdoors activity which has several benefits. It reconnects humans with nature, it encourages creativity and has a very calming effect on the practitioner.

Through his work, Pascal wishes to catch our attention and share with us a few moments of natural beauty, showing endless ways of modifying our world and our perception of it.

Pascal Fiechter

Pascal felt an attraction to stones since his very early days - for him, every shape and color makes each stone a unique piece of matter. Growing up without a TV and surrounded by a stunning nature, he spent many hours observing and exploring the world around him. He fell in love with Mother Nature and feels most comfortable when he is out and about in the green. Already as a child, he inspired his mother by creating little pieces of landart, and continued to practice to this day, making it into his living.


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