Children parliaments: Creating the leaders of the future

Children parliaments: Creating the leaders of the future

Children parliaments-creating the leaders of the future

The solutions for the complex problems of the world are very simple and the best way to deal with them is to prepare the leaders of the future, the children that will create the new world of peace and harmony.To create a safe environment were children can practice direct democracy and be able to develop proposals on how they would run the world is the way for creating empowered leaders. On this workshop we will share the tools for management of discussion groups and proposal development, tools that are useful for anyone that plans to work in groups and make decisions together.The sociocracy children parliament is a project developed in india and it’s changing the world view on how to create a new paradigm of living on the dynamics of social groups and organizations...the real change is social and it’s about how can we work together and this is the way that provides the best results.

Hélder Valente (bio)

Hélder a researcher on how can we create a new system for everyone to live in harmony with nature and with each other. After many years looking into the best way to achieve this goals the answer became very simple and it all starts with the way we make decisions and the way we communicate our ideas. Hélder combines the permaculture principles, the principles of sociocracy and to formulate a new ethical system for harmonic management of projects were everyone can feel to the maximum that they can participate and share ideas.

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