The Sacred Fire experience is about contact with nature and learning. There are several daily activities focused on contact with the earth and using the hands as magic makers.

Please check below the list of workshops confirmed at Boom 2018.

Gravity Meditation - Rock Balance Land Art
Herbalism - Make your own healing ointment
Human Pyramid
Introduction to Self-Sufficiency, Dreams and Reality
Once I was a plastic bottle
Slackline & Balance
Sacred Geometry of the Enneagram
Origami - Ancient Art of Paper Folding
The Change We Wish to See - A Wider Perspective
Tibetan Sand Mandala
Spiral Basketry
Children parliaments: Creating the leaders of the future
Art Therapy
Drawing as a Tool in Cultivating Awareness
Learn how to make your own detergents
Make a Didgeridoo with Agave wood
Traditional throat singing and vocals in Russian folk music

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