Sacred Fire

Sacred Fire

'You have escaped the cage. Your wings are stretched out. Now fly.' - Rumi


Fly into the enchanted forest at low altitude to meditate, contemplate and allow GROUNDATION to activate. The organic composition of the Sacred Fire is a pure labour of LOVE.

The proverbial birth of each Boom edition takes place here with a shamanic opening ceremony that is inspired by ancestral wisdom. 

Healers, visionaries, medicine women, shamans and artists channel source energy through prayer-formance before lighting the Sacred Fire to give thanks and gratitude to the elemental forces of nature.

This sets the intention for a positive Boom and a richly textured program. Its multiple layers cross-polinate cultures and continents to offer a fascinating anthropological journey of discovery.

Simultaneously, the Sacred Fire magnifies the therapeutic vibration of the EARTH. It is a TONIC for the soul — a living breathing entity that pays homage to the elemental forces and healing properties of nature.

Land art, sculptures, flower beds and edible gardens: they blend into the terrain like they’ve been here for eons.

Wind-chimes and dreamcatchers, lanterns and kinetic art: humble tokens of love ILLUMINATE the forest as the sun begins to set, filling it up with a radiant orange light.

By night, the buzz of this lively universe with its organic food stalls and SOUL-NOURISHING sounds will cast a spell on you. Meanwhile, a fusion of musical horizons merge with a new breed of latin music, psych rock, Brazilian eclectism, Indian and mystic music, sitar scapes and Afro Rhythms… Get your groove on and smile — these are beats, harmonies and melodies without borders! WE ARE ONE!

Online applications for the 2018 Sacred Fire program are closed. We are deeply grateful to all who applied!

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