Oersprong : 'E-Volution', Fire Parade, Fire Arena's

New show E-volution: As Oersprong returns to the Boom homeland, they bring more fire than ever in an enticing new ritual show. This 49-minute fire spectacle consists of a beautiful storyline built within a spiritual structure. The 7 individual scenes, each 7 minutes long, create a flowing unity that will entrance audiences of all ages. Unique characters, eye-catching costumes and baffling fire arts make for a captivating performance that will leave a lasting impression.

Fire Parade: Along with their artists and stationary show, Oersprong will bring back the popular Fire Bird art car to guide their unique fire parade along the vast terrain of Boom! On top of that, Oersprong would like to share their love of fire dancing by providing the Boom audience with a safe haven for enjoying this wondrous art.

Fire Arena's: Everyone is welcome to spin at the Oersprong Designated Fire Space, where fuel is provided and safety materials and supervision will be ensured. Enjoy!


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