Gypsy Disco

Gypsy Disco

Gypsy Disco presents ‘False Realities’

A show which seeks to shift mindsets and behaviours - featuring circus, dance, fire shows & acrobatics. Join Gypsy Disco as they present their brand new Circus Production exclusive for Boom Festival!

With the increase in Fake News, misleading advertising and echo chambers on social media, there has been a global shift in in consciousness, which has disconnected people from reality and truth. Luckily for you, the Gypsy Disco family have created a fail proof solution to help fellow Boomers find their way to true enlightenment and euphoria.

This excitingly humorous, extravagant and awe inspiring show features a plethora of performers including Aerialists, Burlesque, Acrobats, Contortionists, Hoopers, Cyr Wheel, Dancers, Unicyclists and Fire Performers.


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