Bang Bike

Bang Bike


Street art, lightning and projection work get together for an authentic show of art with movement.

BANG Bike is a physical moving platform for digital artists, a world for animations and digital graffiti. This bicycle allows the projection of moving animated images, wherever you are. As it roams around the streets, the world arounds it becomes a real life canvas ready to welcome all the magic of a creative and inspiring world. Both children and adults follow its images and music, co-creating a magical moment. Be wowed! 

BANG Bike is looking for artists to join in several live festivals around the world! They are open to collaboration and experimentation during the Boom Festival and will provide the Bang Bike Platform to integrate other projects. If you're all about art, drawing, light festivals and travelling, join in!

Email them at Bang Awards is an International Animation Festival, of animated short films, supportive of creative productions by artists from all over the world! 




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