Reflorestar Portugal

Reflorestar Portugal

Reflorestar Portugal

'Reflorestar Portugal (RP) is a social movement that was born from the collective dream of seeing the Portuguese forests reborn.

Understanding that the forests per se have a unique and systemic intelligence only disturbed by humans, it became clear that our field of action should go beyond the verb ‘reflorestar (reforest)’. We believe that forests need to be regenerated but we also believe that it will only happen if humans are equally regenerated.

So, inspired by nature, RP created a network of holistic cooperation- the first branch of the RP's social movement. It provides consultancy services in Agroforestry in light of principles of Permaculture, Close-to-Nature-Silviculture or Syntropic Agriculture. It also empowers and facilitates collaborative partnerships among all individuals, groups, initiatives and organizations that share our vision: the elevation of human capacity to cooperate for the regeneration of planet earth.

Our ‘forest’ has 30 ‘trees’ working in a sociocratic system, organized in 7 distinctive circles: Core, Education, Hands on Soil, Communication, Circular Economy, Finance and Guardian Angels. RP team is as diverse as any healthy forest: there are doctors, spiritual healers, biologists, permaculture and agroforestry experts, teachers, designers, strategists and marketing consultants.

Forests united us. Forests inspired us to help dealing with problems that humans created. Forests are our barometer: they will grow on the rhythm of human regeneration.


WORKSHOP From the Ashes of the Abandoned Monocultures to the Landscape of Abundance

Reflorestar Portugal will focus on motivations, strategies and toolbox solutions to accomplish its vision: ‘The elevation of human capacity to cooperate for the regeneration of planet earth’. The project aims to bring awareness about some of the characteristics of the Portuguese forests, as well as the main challenges within their historic and cultural contexts - rural exodus, monocultures, wild fires, etc. Reflorestar Portugal promotes holistic solutions for the issues that the forest is facing today: dilapidation, desertification, water scarcity in Iberian Peninsula, climate change, etc.

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