Live With Earth

Live With Earth

Organization for Global Sustainable Development, by Actions in Portugal.

Eco-Villages and Permaculture Projects Network - they act by the design of sustainable and organic solutions, social intervention, event organization, innovation, arts and education.

Starting from the vision of the thesis-project "Eco-Village Community", its concepts and associated knowledge, comes the opportunity to materialize the dream in the real plan, applying the methodologies, techniques, solutions and going in search of resources and strategies needed to do it in Portugal, through research, education, intervention and projects, examples that can create awareness and be replicated in other parts of the planet Earth, with the same impact, success, effectiveness and sustainability.


WORKSHOP Local Sustainable Design for Global Change

Will there be, in the future, space and living conditions for everyone? Food and pure water for all? Energy and resources? Will there ever be peace, freedom, equality and cooperation among mankind? The planet has evolved, expanded and developed their own system of values and beliefs, organizing a civilization that has grown exploiting all the features of the Earth with a single objective based on economic growth and forgetting the essentials of human and natural ecosystems. In this workshop Live with Earth will raise awareness about global change and will discuss how to apply design thinking and permaculture design principles and ethics to create solutions to heal the planet related to local self-sufficiency.

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