Linha Vermelha

Linha Vermelha

Linha Vermelha

Linha Vermelha is a Portuguese awareness campaign with the final aim of stopping oil drilling and fracking in Portugal. We are mobilizing people to knit 52 Km, the longest red line in the world, empowering them to say NO! to fossil fuels, putting pressure on local and national authorities and corporates to cancel the licenses.

Our vision is a country without any drilling or fracking, keeping its fossil fuels in the ground, and at the same time investing in renewable energies becoming a pioneer in energy transition and climate restoration.


PRESENTATION Fracking and Oil Drilling Issue in Portugal

Linha Vermelha will discuss Fracking and Oil Drilling issue in Portugal and present their opposing campaign - creating the biggest red line in the world. They want to gain national attention and mobilize the population to fight against fracking and oil drilling. Despite the warning from environmentalists and the opposition from local institutions and governments, there are still five active drilling and fracking contracts in Portugal, located in the Algarve and Alentejo coast, as well as close to Peniche and about 20 km inland, in the Leiria region. The participants of the workshop will be invited to knit together, courses on knitting and crocheting will be given.


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