Integrating our dancefloor experiences

Integrating our dancefloor experiences

Integrating our dancefloor experiences

Do you enjoy melting into the rhythm and group, loosing yourself in the feeling that

everything is one? Or do you experience the dancefloor as a place of self-awareness and self- comfort, celebrating your uniqueness? Are you surprised or even overwhelmed by the emotions the dance can bring forward? How do you connect and separate from others while Dancing?

Charlotte Hartmann believes in the healing capacities of the dancefloor. It offers a special opportunity of self- expression and exploration, as we get into connection to our body and inner world trough dancing. And we don’t dance alone. The group experience can help our personal growth, as we playfully create, enjoy and understand relating to others through encounters on the Dancefloor.

Let's not only focus on your personal experiences and ways of integration but also think about the power of the dance to catalyse changes in society and how to bring forward it's revolutionary potential.

Charlotte Hartmann

Apart from being a passionate dancer in her  time off, Charlotte Hartmann is a psychologist and psychoanalyst. She has been working as a therapist in psychiatric hospitals for several years and apart from that treats patients long term whom she sees once to three times a week.Charlotte also leads group therapy and art therapy and have participated as a co-therapist in dance and movement therapy.

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