They are from the Association “Partilhar Distâncias”. They are a social project, globally concerted, embracing several sectors of activity directed to different publics, adopting a transversal perspective with significant positive repercussions in the most diverse dimensions: in the socioeconomic, cultural and artistic development, in the improvement of life’s quality, the exercise of citizenship, the development of learning capacities, and, ultimately, creativity and innovation.

Their  mission is to contribute and play an important role in making the accessible arts, culture, sport, education, training and tourism as decisive vectors of regional, national and international evolution, based on a totally inclusive vision.

Through their national and international actions, they aim to contribute to the full integration of people with various levels of disability in the most varied spaces of society in general. Inclusion is therefore the basic theme of all their interventions. It must be thought that the largest minority in the world is made up of people with disabilities. This project, which aims to improve accessibility and promote inclusion in various scenarios, is mainly directed to a spectrum of people who, for various reasons associated with physical and/ or mental limitations, are excluded and/ or self-excluded in innumerable ways. We counteract this tendency by creating a sense of unity and total belonging.

WORKSHOP Inclusive body expressions: “Abilities”

An inclusive body expression workshop “ABILITIES”, so the audience can experiment different ways of perceiving reality through movement, challenging the traditional concept of (dis)ability (such as blind and deaf experience, movement isolation, among other free creative dance techniques).

With this workshop IN'KLU:SIV MULTIVERSE  intends to introduce a new vision on the issue of (dis)ability, sharing experiences and promoting the notion of integration, acceptance, human diversity and inspiration for everyone.

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