Green Association

Green Association

Green Association

Green Association was established at the end of 2012 by a group of friends. What connects us is the love of nature in all its aspects. Our main goal is to promote non-standard solutions for environmental protection, and the tools we use strive to preserve our originality, authenticity and freedom. We rely mainly on personal resources, donations and voluntary work.

And what are we doing? It is easier to share what we are not doing – we do not politicize the green themes, and we do not judge people and tell them how to live. We just have fun with the projects we create! We challenge people to think through demonstration of alternative solutions, and in the questions that pop up are actually the answers we all look for. Thus, naturally, we come to more conscious and responsible decisions that come from the people themselves, not propagandized from above. Green Association speaking!

In our quest to present and support sustainable models of social interaction, we have created for two years now a social center aiming at a shared workspace that supports the positive change in each of us. After realizing a number of activities at the local, national and international level, it is extremely important for us to reach as many as possible initiative, curious, pure-hearted and motivated people with whom we can achieve the next level of development together – the cosmic one! Welcome!


WORKSHOP Big ideas for the small settlements

Green Summit is a project of Green Association which focus on the big ideas for the small settlements. In the second half of September they organize a series of events, promoting living in small communities with environmental care. Being on the road for weeks and setting a suitable environment, most often in the wilderness, for participants and guests is always a bit challenging. In this workshop Green Association will share a perspective for caring for the basic needs of people through the creation of such an event.

Our hosts are the local people or communities, who have the opportunity to share their lifestyle with all its benefits and misfortunes to the public. They are all promoting social commitment at the local level, helping to protect the environment and climate, and entrepreneuring in severe social conditions, showing that everything is possible.


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