Alternative World Sailing Community

Alternative World Sailing Community

Alternative World Sailing Community

A community of travellers sailing around the world. Using art, music, performance and recycling to sustain their voyage. Their goal is to share a vision to travel differently and live in a sustainable and creative world.

It is a space for travelers to experience community living on sea, learn sailing skills and develop artistic talents as a group. The objective is to create a worldwide fleet of community boats, making ocean travel accessible to the modern nomads.

Their vision is that this structure, mixing travel and community living, inspires more and more people to gather; sailors, travelers, visionaries, artists, idealists, etc, and to spread the idea of communally owned and sustained sailing vessels around the globe.



WORKSHOP Make impossible possible: Collective fleet

To create a world wide network of sailing vessels, harnessing the wind to move goods and people around the planet. To travel in a caravan of sailing boats, combining ocean travel with communal living. Alternative World Sailing wants to effect positive change wherever they travel. They aren’t trying to fight the existing paradigm. Theit revolution comes through creating a new paradigm that will render the old obsolete.

Alternative World Sailing will be talking about the meaning of collective dreams and making things happen. Freeing yourself from the system and comfort zones. They will also discuss organisation, logistics, finding funds to make travel as a way of life.

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