Alinhavo + Fashion Revolution

Alinhavo + Fashion Revolution

Alinhavo and Fashion Revolution

Alinhavo is a Portuguese movement that intends to promote sustainable consumption of clothing. In this world grounded on consumerism, fast fashion and disposable products, we intend to inform and empower individuals, giving them the tools for making more conscious – and ideally, sustainable - decisions. Our platform intends to raise the Portuguese community's awareness about the environmental, social and animal impact of the fashion industry.

We are consumers who demand more information on the manufacturing and life cycle of our clothes. We believe that consumers have the power to rehabilitate and reform the market, and we are currently developing an App that gathers accessible, transparent and impartial information about apparel brands in Portugal.


Fashion Revolution is a global movement that works to unveil the true cost of fashion. It's also a global campaign to raise awareness to those involved in the value chain of fashion production because everyone's action has a consequence and it can actually impact the stories of others.

We believe in the creativity of those involved and how it will change the whole process and what the fashion business looks like today. Every single individual is capable of taking action and turning tables towards a more sustainable fashion industry, always closer to people.



WORKSHOP Conscious Consumers

Fashion Revolution aims to empower the individual as a consumer to make more informed and conscious choices when looking for new or used items. The clothing brands do not do good enough job to share relevant information such as potential environmental, social and economic impact of the production?

Fashion Revolution wants to invite participants to examine their clothing labels and create a debate on conditions, resources consumed during production and fabrics, so they become more conscious consumers.



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