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Women Help Women

Women Help Women

Women Help Women is a non-profit organization that creates access to reproductive health services and encourages collaborative feminist activism.  Our founding principle is that reproductive health products, including contraceptives and abortion pills, belong in women’s hands. We work to make ACCESS easier and rooted in women's choices, INFORMATION more reliable and based on the most current standards, and ACTIVISM more collaborative and powerful. Women Help Women is an international group of activists, trained counselors and non-profit organizations and foundations.

Patrícia Parreira is a  feminist who has been interested in gender dynamics and power relations. She has been working as an activist with Women Help Women since 2015, advocating that abortion pills should be in women's hands because she believes that women are conscious decision-makers who have the right to decide how their lives will be. She is also a member of a feminist group in Lisbon that organizes activities drawing attention to feminist issues, as demonstrations, film projections or debates. She is now working on a thesis as part of a master's degree in Women's Studies about Abortion Counseling in Portuguese Hospitals from the perspective of the women who used the abortion service.


WORKSHOP Activists’ role in medical abortion

This workshop is about medical abortion and activists’ role on access to safe abortion and information. Participants will have the chance to learn facts about abortion worldwide and to learn about the use of abortion pills to induce a safe abortion. The spread of this type of knowledge can save the lives of millions of women living in countries where abortion is restricted or where access is difficult. The aim is to bridge the gap between activism, service provision and advocacy.


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