West African Dance

West African Dance

West African Dance by Anitxa, music by Yemadas


This dance workshop is a beautiful time to connect with our sacred body, our inner strength. Is a time to interact with the rhythm of the drums and the beat of our heart. In this workshop we have the opportunity to learn movements from the Mama Africa tradition that inspire us, bringing consciously harmonious geometric shapes to the body. The live music of percussions, strings, keys, sounds of seeds and songs lead the group to live an authentic experience of African culture, a more sacred and respectful view,  Be prepare to move, groove, sweat and smile all over.

Anitxa Roots

Anitxa is in love with everything that is related to body movement, the dance in its various forms and cultures.

At six years of age she began with the Classical Ballet and Contemporary,when teenager studied Flamenco, Jazz, HipPop, and later grown up devoted herself to capoeira, the Brazilian culture dance and Butoh.

Adventurer and traveler, Anitxa lived in the four corners of the world where she dedicated to the deep study of classical Indian dance (Odissi) and traditional West African Dance.

In this BOOM 2018 she brings us her great passion, the traditional dance of the West Coast of Africa and a contemporary approach to African dance.

‘Some days I am a dancer. Other days , I am a musician or a singer.  Frequently, I am all three at once.’



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