7 Sacred World Rhythms

7 Sacred World Rhythms

7 Sacred World Rhythms 


The goal of this workshop is to experience 7 different rhythms that are connected to the 7 chakras , so as we are travelling around the world simultaneously an inner journey is taking place . this 7 rhythms were chosen very carefully to fulfill this purpose.

and they your studied directly by me in west coast Africa , Brasil ,Egypt, Turqi , Bali and Indian and for me is they are a powerful tool and as a spiritual path that allows embodiment of ancient deities , that take over the body ,making the soul dance.

Diana Rego

 ‘I am a nomad, a dancer ,a researcher, a student, a teacher dedicated my life to learn about ancient and sacred cultures.''

Diana Rego began her training in dance in 1987, with Classical Ballet, by Royal Academy of London, in 1997 began her ethnic and Middle Eastern studies in dance and music. In 2000 she began her Yoga training in England.

She graduated in Theater at the Superior School of Performing Arts and did postgraduate studies in Dance at the Dance University of Bahia, Brazil. Concluded the course of research and choreographic experimentation of Forum Dança. She is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Performative Arts.

She has traveled extensively to Africa, Turkey, Israel, Indonesia, but specially in India, where she lived for 1 year plus eight research journeys to go deeper in her studies of dance, yoga and spirituality.


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