Sacred Geometry - A Meditative State

Sacred Geometry - A Meditative State

Sacred Geometry - a meditative state


Around shapes and space.  Dealing with symmetry, perceptions, hypnotic sensations and illusional bodies, made of nones, flesh and energy that flows endlessly. Movement that never finishes like time. Long walks that never leave the place. Infinite spirals and loops of significant meetings.

Seat, relax and let yourself go.


Orchidaceae Urban Tribal is a dance company where Tribal Fusion Belly Dance meets Urban dance styles and Contemporary Dance, searching for a place where the blend of vocabularies becomes a unique style.

Piny is the founder and artistic director of the company, choreographing in collaboration with all the current members. To start the collective she invited some advanced students of her Tribal Fusion Belly Dance classes back in 2012.

In 2013 the Tribal Fusion group integrates the previous members from the Hip Hop crew Butterfliesoulflow (Leo, Lúcia, Piny) - crew formed in 2006, and the real adventure starts. The goal was to create a fusion dance company where all the vocabularies could be used, since the dancers had strong backgrounds in Bellydance, Hip Hop, Popping, Waacking, Breakdance, Capoeira, House and Contemporary Dance.

They premiered as a dance company in 2012 at TribaLx (Lisbon) and since that moment the research never stopped. They presented, in 2013, two shows of their own “Cinema Delirium” and “Variety Madness”, exploring new concepts and ideas. They teach their regular classes in Lisbon.

They performed internationally for the first time in 2014 at Bellyfusions, and that same year in Tribal Art, Barcelona; Infusion Emporium IV, Wolverhampton; Shimmy Shake, Rotterdam and The Tribal Experience, Barcelona. After that they continue to travel to several festivals as a company (Paris, Rome, Barcelona, India, Berlin, Stockholm).

Piny keeps traveling to perform as a soloist and teach internationally, and since 2014 she has been in festivals in different cities of several countries:

Portugal (city where she is based), Spain, France, Italy, Finland, England, India, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Estonia, Slovakia, Russia, U.S.A. She also works as a contemporary dancer, touring with different projects.

Since June 2015 they collaborate with Winga Kan in a music/dance project presented in live concerts, working mainly with improvisation.

They organize once a year a Dance Intensive ODI, where they share their company work with students from all over the world.

The dancers of Orchidaceae Urban Tribal are Piny, Leo, Kenzi, Lúcia, Cookie, Moony, Maria, Silvia.


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