Dance of the 5 Elements

Dance of the 5 Elements

Dance of the 5 Elements


Body is our main instrument in helping us reach our life goals. The better you know your own body, the more thriving will you be making every day of your life. The structure of this workshop will help you open up your inner potential through learning of a unique ancient way of non-verbal communication attained from the antediluvian world folk dances with elements of eastern dance art. You will be immersed in the motif of a free effeminate dance based on the insight into the Five Primary Elements:  Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. A deliberate control of the Five Elements through dancing allows you to balance your female energy, as well as harmonize your surroundings, attain confidence and open infinite possibilities for yourself.

This 2 – 3 hour workshop tutorial is designed for women of all ages, with or without prior dance experience. All that is required is that you are dressed in comfortable non-restricting clothing and soft suitable footwear. Display of femininity is widely welcomed.


Mohsira is a professional dancer from Tajikistan. A national award winner for contribution to the development of contemporary choreography; as well as a designer, choreographer and an arts educator.


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