Nataraj, the mythological spirit that brings the essence of Shiva to those who will come to witness the opening of this sacred space, our stage. To see, feel trough music, movement and feeling the Tandavo to end all illusions and gather our hearts and minds all together.

In lak’ech is proud to present an unique performance inspired by the Hinduism and their gods and goddesses where our intention is not only to create a sacred space but also to thank with prayers trough sounds, movements and acrobatic dances to those who have guided and inspired us in this life trough their myths and legends teaching us how to bring balance in to our paths.

It is a not only a performance but a prayer, a story, a myth, a legend to be told and shared.

Diego Amor, Jimena Velazquez and Miguel Hiroshi

Is a collective, a gathering of 3 wild hearts conquered by the love to music, dance and the life that is created in between them. From different backgrounds, styles, countries and artistic background, Ximena, Miguel and Diego are creating a unique and single performance for BOOM festival inspired on the deities of Indian culture for Nataraj Stage.

In lak’ech, wich in Mayan language means “ I am another you”, brings into their performance not only a musical experience but also a visual livid dream trough dance, mixing different styles like hip-hop, capoeira, partnership acrobatics, contemporary dance and body to body exploration combining sounds and movement into one art form.

This collective has the goal of transforming not only the place where this performance is been held but also the hearts of the eyes, ears and souls that are willing to be part of it as an audience. as we are another you and we are all one.


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