A "Jathiswaram" is a pure abstract dance element in a Bharatanatyam presentation, devoid of any abhinaya (emotions), where the drums set the beat. Here the dancer displays her talent and proficiency in elaborate footwork and graceful movements of the body.  The Jathiswaram brings out three aspects of dance: unity of music, rhythm and movements. Melody, without word of syllable, has a special power to unite us with our being. In Jatiswaram, melody and movement come together. Jathis (rhythmic pieces danced to narrated syllables) are executed combining swara passages (musical scores) in a particular raga and tala.

Ragam: Kalyani

Taalam: Adi

Choreography: Tarika Valli

Catarina Guerra

Catarina is an artist who works mostly through sculpture and indian classical dance - Bharatanatyam. She dances Bharatanatyam since 2009 with her teacher Tarika Valli, in Lisbon, Portugal.




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