Nataraj Dance Stage

Nataraj Dance Stage

The name is aptly inspired by the Hindu “King of the Dance”, Shiva Nataraj, or Nataraja. This highly symbolic figure conveys a never ending circle of time, as well as the rhythm of the cosmos and harmony of life. Often framed in a circle of cosmic energy, Nataraj is depicted dancing the Tandava, a dance which both creates and destroys the universe. Through this dance, Nataraj frees himself from the illusory world.

It is through this powerful depiction of liberation, enlightenment and creation that we pay homage to a rich cultural tapestry of higher learning through the arts and dance. The program of the Nataraj stage offers a broad variety of inspirational performances to remind us that dance, in all its forms, is one of the most ancient ways of reaching higher states of consciousness.

After successfully debuting in the previous (2016) edition, it seems only natural that the Nataraj Dance area should further expand - and so in 2018, it will reach a whole new level, comprising projects that will mix technology with dance into its program.

Let yourself get carried by the rhythmic relation between body, mind and music, partake in dynamic workshops during the day, or simply watch the gripping ethnic and contemporary nightly performances. Nataraj is here for your physical and spiritual ascension.

Online applications to join the 2018 Nataraj Dance Stage are closed. Thank you to all who applied!

Opening Ceremony
Tara ke Shisya
Dancing Lotus
7 Sacred World Rhythms
Dance of the 5 Elements
Sacred Geometry - A Meditative State
Connection through lines
Liquid Lines
Movement flow
Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
House Dance & Capoflow
African Contemporary Dance
West African Dance
Persian Fusion Bellydance
Flamenco Fusion Dance
Indian Fusion Bellydance
Persian Ethno contemporary bellydance
Fusion Bellydance
Indian Fusion Bellydance - Mujra Leela
Silk Road Tribal Fusion
Rajasthani Kalbeliya Gypsy Dance
Odissi Dance 'Narayani Pallavi'
Intro to Rajasthani Kalbeliya Dance
Intro to Bharatanatyam - Classical Indian Dance
Intro to Odissi Classical Indian Dance
Intro to Tajik Dance
Tajik Dance
Nava Dance Collective

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