Geenss Archenti

Geenss Archenti

The sap that gives life to the exuberant stroke of Geenss Archenti owes its strength and wealth to the Tarapoto jungle that saw it born 36 years ago.

Self-taught, the artist inspires his work in the wild and multicolored landscape of San Martín, as well as the endearing and cheerful character of its people, basing his technique on the use of natural pigments extracted from magical and spiritual plants typical of the Amazon like the chuchuwasi, the pichirina, the achiote, the huito and the turmeric among others.

His pictorial vein has obtained multiple recognitions, having participated in collective and individual exhibitions at national level, prestigious means of communication have referred to his work, highlighting its particular value.

One of his paintings is part of the artistic heritage of the National Library of Calabria, in Italy (declared a cultural heritage by UNESCO), having also donated another painting to the sculptor and painter Alfredo Mazzota, in order to contribute to the construction of a school in India, in Maharastra.


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