WOMB WISDOM FOR ALL GENDERS: learning about cyclical living for life mastery

WOMB WISDOM FOR ALL GENDERS: learning about cyclical living for life mastery


In the current rebalancing between the masculine and feminine energies, the battles for “equality” often lead to the perpetuation of the previous paradigm or a flattening of the realities of the genders, which are biologically diverse. In fact, by reflecting on the anatomy and physiology of our bodies (even at a micro, chromosomal level), we can deduce valuable information about the macro - such as Feminine and Masculine principles - that can support us in the inner activism of embodying both polarities and finding an inner balance between them.

In this workshop, Ruby May will guide us into an exploration of the truths our bodies reveal about us, particularly focusing on the functions of the womb. Through studying the archetypal creative cycle of life, death and re-birth of the womb, we receive a fascinating imprint of ‘wholeness’ and balance through constant change.

With a mixture of sharing, discussion and embodied exploration, we will have the opportunity to see how this information and approach can support new understandings of topics such as ‘strength’, creativity, service, holding space, self-care and intelligent living, helping us move towards creating more balance in the world that we wish to be part of.

Ruby May (Bio)

Ruby is a truth-seeking, earth-loving, edge-dwelling creative visionary and facilitator. Her passion lies in a new vision of power for a new world, in which a deeper compassion and intimacy with ourselves and life is honoured and celebrated. This is the power of owning ourselves in our entirety and in paradox: that in the profane lies the sacred, soft can be strong, and that through our shadows we become light.

Bringing over a decade of personal self-enquiry, research and experience working internationally within the field of human sexuality & female empowerment, Ruby co-runs Authentic Eros, a training in intimacy, eros and community for people of all genders and sexual orientations.

She currently lives in a small community in Portugal where she studies the spiritual and personal development potential of the menstrual cycle.



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