Sacred Geometry: The Interface Between Humanity And Divine Consciousness

Sacred Geometry: The Interface Between Humanity And Divine Consciousness


A keynote on Sacred Geometry followed by an energetic transmission session meant to set the tone for your entire experience in Boom. We all see geometric forms with our etheric and physical eyes. Whether they are simple or complex, we’re utterly fascinated by their beauty and wisdom, so fascinated that we accept it as real, as matter. Everything that we touch, eat or perceive is formed into a 3-dimensional shape, this is how Divine Consciousness has translated its free-floating waves so that humans could see it and understand it.

Those geometrical shapes have specific characteristics that carry the energies of the primary radical polarity (yin-yang) and the 5 elements (earth, ether, air, water & fire) that are the ultimate foundation of creation and the base of what we call “Sacred Geometry”. 

As humans, we don’t only perceive Sacred Geometry, we also emit it, through forms, emotional structure, talents and more – these, in fact, could also be seen as “codes,” since Sacred Geometry is the language that Divine Consciousness uses to communicate with us.

Join this Energetic Transmission and set the tone for your entire participation in Boom - Open your awareness to the way Divine Consciousness is communicating with you. Prepare your energetic bodies and increase your ability to integrate the wisdom of sacred geometry that will be presented through the festival, and be initiated to those codes of creation.

Homaya Amar (Bio)

Spiritual teacher, master healer, modern shaman and former architect. During the course of her life she was trained with and initiated by masters and healers from various traditions around the world. In 2004 she was initiated to a Curanderos shamanic lineage whose roots are passing through Vera Cruz Mexico on to the Mexican Mayan. Today she is a Master of Masters in this lineage, and has the privilege to initiate new generations.

For more than 12 years, she has been intensely teaching and leading workshops, seminars and initiations in various countries around the world, mainly in Europe and Israel. Through her journey, she has significantly touched the lives of thousands of people, and was a guest in various online magazines, printed magazines, radio shows and conferences.

Unlike most shamanic traditions and lineages, her tradition DOES NOT use any external tools or instruments (whether it is sacred plans, drums or sage burning): everything that is being generated in her presence is happening by creating, evoking and inspiring changes in consciousness, which are created by forming energetic structures, combination of Sacred Geometry and colors vibrations.

From spontaneous remission to half trance healing, self-revelation and empowerment, all that is called into play are those energetic structures that are named Light Language grids. Those grids of consciousness were passed down in the lineage or can be composed especially for the person in hand, for communities or a specific situation.


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