Reducing Plastic Pollution In Boom And In The World

Reducing Plastic Pollution In Boom And In The World


Waste is a huge issue and plastic waste a big scary monster. To tackle it we need to bring our hearts and minds together, be creative and weave a web of ideas in order to act together on different layers of society. This is what we’re doing in Portugal with the ZeroWasteLab: create a synergy of different projects with the same purpose, so we can come up with collaborative practical solutions, test them and scale them.

At the same time, we are planting seeds of greater responsibility in each one of us, as with simple daily actions we can all be active participants in the global effort to reduce plastic pollution.

As long time Boomers, Inez and Ana will explain in this Presentation how the Zero Waste Lab is now active to reduce plastic at this magical gathering of the tribes. Everyone is invited to take part to this presentation explaining their initiatives in the Boom Land, so you too can offer your contribute and be inspired to bring these practices home, beyond Boom.

Inez Aires (Bio)

Inez graduated from Environmental Engineering followed with a Masters on Bioclimatic Strategies and Renewable Energy Sources. Lived in the Peruvian Amazon where worked with NGO ANIA. Researcher on Energy and Sustainable Development at IST UTL for the EU, Project Officer at Terrasystemics and Project Consultant at SDC.

Collaborated with architect and teacher Pedro Ressano Garcia and was recipient of a Merit Award in the International Competition for New Taipei City Museum of Art Proposal with OODA Architects. Inez developed work within Event Sustainability with the Sustainable Event Alliance and was Producer/Curator of TEDxTulum, and works with many annual and biannual events/festivals - having been involved in Operation Boom Festival/Rock n Rio 2008/2010.

 Ana Salcedo  (Bio)

Ana is a Delegate and Secretary-General in Portugal for the European Youth Parliament, graduated Magna Cum Laude from International Business and Fashion Marketing in London, with a postgraduate degree in Creative Leadership focused on triple-bottom-line impact. She worked in Brazil as a Behavioural Trends Designer, connecting dots across emerging movements and bridging gaps of communication between people and businesses.

Ana is also the co-founder of ManifestoModa, developing bio-functional clothes that offer non-toxic effective protection against mosquito-borne diseases. Lately, she has embraced the theme of waste and co-founded ZeroWasteLab, bringing together waste fighters in Portugal to devise and pilot collaborative solutions towards waste reduction, with primary focus on plastic.


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