Making a difference: the role of the maker movement in developing countries

Making a difference: the role of the maker movement in developing countries


Maker movement is having its impact around the world – in many countries that lack traditional production facilities maker spaces and hackerspaces offer important alternatives for young people prototyping and building hardware solutions.  

3D printing is one maker technology that is already showing its impact in social sectors in developing countries – for example through projects like Makernet where hospital machines were repaired in Kenya instead of having to be replaced with new ones for a fraction of the price, or through organisations like Fieldready who print medical devices to help in emergency response and crisis situations.

This talk will take you on a trip around the world to show the impact of maker technologies in different countries and contexts, from Nepal to Kenya, from Ghana to Haiti. 

Geraldine Bastion (Bio)

Geraldine is a freelance consultant based in Berlin, Germany. She is an expert on information and communication technology and new media for development and advises organisations such as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit on digital media and communication strategies. She also works with activists and bloggers around the world.

Geraldine is founder of the consultancy Konnektiv GbR. She works as a free curator and moderator for Re:publica and other international events. Geraldine has an honorary position as head of board at the German NGO Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. and is an active member of iceBauhaus e.V. @Geralbine.


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