Activists get together! Networking for a resilient planet

Activists get together! Networking for a resilient planet


After a week of meeting old and new friends, creating new alliances and downloading insights on how to change your life or save the planet, come join us for the last networking session at Liminal on an interactive workshop.

This will be a space where activists, organizations, and individuals can get to know other people and learn about different activist initiatives, learn about projects in your bioregion, connect with possible project allies and collaborators, get informed on other social and ecological situations akin to their own and get inspired by solutions found in other contexts for the same problems, find ways in which they can support each other's projects and process for healing of the Earth and organizing coordinated community action around topics of interest, support and strengthen each other's projects and visions.

Ivan Sawyer García (Bio)

Media and event producer, photographer and activist. Among other things Ivan has been participating in the development of cultural exchange, sustainability and indigenous knowledge preservation initiatives in different parts of North and South America for almost a decade, collaborating with different organisations such as the Global Ecovillage Network, and with events such as the annual Consejo de Visiones, the First Forum for the Rights of Mother Nature in Mexico, and Symbiosis Festival in the USA.

He is executive director of Voices of Amerikua a transmedia project featuring indigenous people working to protect their culture, territories and Mother Nature in North, Central and South America.



Catarina Soares (Bio)

Doctor, herbalist, therapist, event producer and activist. Founder of the project Shamanka, dedicated, among other things, to bring health, education, support, and empowerment, especially of women, in indigenous and rural communities.

Founder of Caribekios and co-founder of Tepoztekios, both networks of community work in Mexico. Founder of Bacalar en Transición (Transition Towns in Bacalar, México). Local coordinator of the XV Consejo de Visiones – El Llamado del Agua. Facilitator of Cacao ceremonies, Deep Ecology, Women Circles, Water Ceremonies.

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