Southwild (1H30 Set)

Southwild (1H30 Set)


Southwild is the new side project of Jay from Rastaliens, a veteran psy-trance producer from the Black Forest in the deep south of Germany who now resides between Europe and Toronto, Canada.

Starting as a Dj at legendary wild forest party’s over 15 years ago, he has always been into psy-trance and electronic music and keeps doing it with lots of passion.

Jay has played live and mixed Dj sets all around the globe and up to this day he keeps on travelling back and forth between continents to play his music, always keeping an uplifting and positive energy.

Throughout many years of production, mastering, and DJying, Jay has found his own unique style of high-quality ‘twilight’ psytrance: slightly dark, a little twisted, super groovy and spaced out, with a spark of insanity! He has now played all over the world at festivals and parties from the west coast of the United States of America, to the east coast of Japan, and is growing more and more popular with each season. 

Southwild has released 2 digital E.P’s – ‘Spiral E.P’ & ‘4 Crazy Legs E.P‘ and 1 CD album titled ‘Synthology‘, and is currently working on finalizing his soon to be released second album.


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