Shore Bar Axel (2H30 Set)

Shore Bar Axel (2H30 Set)

Shore Bar Axel

Axel is a psychedelic trance dj that started djing as a resident in the Shore Bar in Goa in the mid 1980s, mainly playing a mix of Independent Rock, Reggae, Punk and Rock´n Roll in all its forms. The beginning of the 90´s saw a seismic shift in the music scene and Axel fell in love with Trance, Techno and later Goa Trance and started to include it in his dj sets. After playing on many festivals like Antaris, Voov, Psycrowdelica, Life Fest to name a few, he became the booking agent for Antaris Project from 2008 until 2013 and is member of the curator team of Boom´s Dance Temple since the 2012 edition.

At about the same time, together with his best friend Kazem, he started the label Syncronize Records, with the aim to support psychedelic trance artists and released Ajja ´s Psychogenica, Phantasmatica from Hyper Frequencies project and a compilation called Kazem in 2010 to honor his friend early departure from our planet. Since 2010 the label has been dormant and Axel concentrated on his work as curator, but also carried on djing on various festivals and parties all over Europe, including gigs with his sons Zimon and Robin as the family project Sounds Familiar on Antaris, Modem, Summer Never Ends and Boom Festival.

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