Petran (1H30 Set)

Petran (1H30 Set)


Petran is a psychedelic trance artist from Greece who started composing and performing various styles of music in the early 90’s.

His journey started by exploring numerous music genres while participating as a guitarist/composer in various rock and metal bands in Greece. Gradually, his passion for sound grew unbearable and eventually lead him to study the science of sound for more than a decade in Greece and the UK. At the same time, he discovered psychedelic trance music and immersed himself in an ongoing voyage which would lead him on a global excursion as a musician as well as an evolving entity.

These days Petran is working alongside the legendary Parvati Records as composer and performer as well as participating in projects along Sonic Loom Music in Greece and Vantara Vichitra in India. Along with Echology Studios he provides mastering services to numerous record labels and artists predominantly from the psychedelic  scene. Petran's music can be described as an attempt to sonically explore the perpetual nature of our universe by mechanically manipulating air pressure, redirecting electronic currents and stimulating altered states of mind.

He also demonstrates music technology practices as technical instructor in the De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, as well as delivering music production workshops. Petran has participated in numerous VA compilations alongside celebrated psytrance artists of the likes of Atriohm, Derango, Orestis among others. As a music performer, Petran has performed in major psytrance festivals around the world such as Lost Theory and Modem in Croatia and Freqs of Nature in Germany.


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