Meerkut (1H Set)

Meerkut (1H Set)


Tom created the alias Meerkut in 2011, drawing inspiration from a small mammal belonging to the mongoose family. His drive to produce psychedelic sounds of his own came when he was still only just a child, and was able to evolve in sharing his vision of dance and freedom within the trance community.

Although his first experiences were challenged by the limitations of free software use and a rather slow computer, he was able to tackle them and learn simple trick and possibilities within the realm of electronic music.

As his experience and research expanded, the digital and analog modular worlds opened up with increased precise synthesis, brightness and power - enabling Tom to bring more detail into his music, more clarity and texture. All in all, his thing really comes down to grooving into the tale of psychedelic vibrations and jamming with the freak crowds!


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