Insane Creatures (1H Set)

Insane Creatures (1H Set)

Insane Creatures

Angela Flo Llinas (Gelika/ Insane Creatures/ Tyndra) was born in Barcelona in 1987, and has been connected to music ever since she was a little kid. After coming across psychedelic trance music and falling in love with it, she started DJying and moved to the United Kingdom to play on the London psytrance scene.

In 2008, she decided to go deeper and started to study Music production at the London School of Sound and a Music Technology Specialist BA (Hons) in the University of West London.

Angela now has a number of releases in different labels around the globe since 2009. Her first EP ‘’Fractal Dreams’’ was in 2011 on Green Wizard Records, her second EP “Complex Behaviour” in 2014 at Purple Hexagon Records, where she also compiled the V.A.'s Quantum Animism 1.0 and 2.0 under the name of Gelika.

Her very first album, ‘’Underwater Mysteries” , was just released under the Insane Creatures project. Other projects include Tyndra and her own record label Catar Records (2016), which she opened with her friend Ivanelic.

Up until now she has performed around the globe in countries such as Mexico (Zelebra Festival), India, Costa Rica, Croatia (Modem Festival), Budapest (Inner Sanctum), Italy (Human Evolution Festival, Blackmoon Festival), Romania (Transylvania Calling), Germany (Psychedelic Circus), Czech Republic (Masters Of Puppets), Greece, Cyprus, Spain (Own Spirit/ KaliMela), Turkey, United Arab Emirates, France, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and many others.





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