Hilight Tribe (1H30 Concert)

Hilight Tribe (1H30 Concert)

Hilight Tribe

HLT has been touring the world and spreading their message of peace and unity between all people and cultures for almost two decades. Their audience is like an extended family awaiting them at each corner of the planet on some of the globe's most prestigious dance floors. Exploring a world without borders, these five musicians and their sound engineer invite us on a musical trip known as Organic Trance, a style which bridges the riches of the ancient world with the sounds of tomorrow.

The drum set and bass act as a platform of expression for the guitar, multiple percussion sets, vocals and a wide range of traditional instruments such as sitar, didgeridoo, native drums and many more. Each song is a visit to a different culture or concept and some instruments are linked to effects which generate avant-garde experimental sounds similar to those heard in the electronic world.

Thanks to the coordination between the sound engineer, light designer, stage engineer, musicians and dancers, each show becomes an sensorial experience out of the ordinary.

On this musical trek of 8 albums and 600 gigs worldwide, the members of the band are blessed to share their vision with several generations of dancers, travellers and free thinkers from all origins and creeds who more than ever contribute to writing the legend of the Tribe. What started as a performance has now become a lifestyle and a musical trend spreading all around the globe. Welcome to the universe of Hilght Tribe's Organic Trance.


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